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M Slago was born and raised in Nashville, TN. Like most school aged urban kids in the 90's, Hip Hop was an integral part of life. Unlike most of his peers who were simply partying to whatever was popular, his ear and taste gravitated towards more thought-provoking music and began to pay closer attention to what and who were part of these recordings. It wasn't until college that he decided to be an active contributor to the a producer.  Initially producing under the moniker Mongo Slade, he began making beats individually and for local production teams such as Kastle Bangout and GNB Productions. This stint of exposure to different production tools, styles, and working with a handful of local emcees began to shape a unique sound and methodology all his own.

After relocating to Dallas, TX to explore the possibilities of a bigger city he quickly made a name for himself in the hip hop community rubbing elbows with Dallas’ best talent. It was at Rob Viktum’s Beat Down Dallas, Dallas’ first long-standing producer showcase, that he met the legendary DJ EZ Eddie D and shortly thereafter became the co-host of “Knowledge Dropped, Lessons Taught Vol 2”, Dallas’ only radio show dedicated to hip hop in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex, hosted by DJ EZ Eddie D since 1987 on local radio station KNON 89.3FM. Since that chance meeting with one of  DFW's legendary DJs M Slago still is an important cog in providing a place for underground hip hop local and abroad on the 2nd longest running Hip Hop radio show in the world.

Continuing to grow and expand his reach and skill, M Slago has been mentioned and featured on some noteworthy websites and blogs, participated in a number of producer showcases in the USA alongside some of music's top names, has music placements with multiple TV networks, is a member of esteemed music producer collectives such as Low Post Music, Producers I Know and iStandard Producers, and has produced numerous self released works as well as lending his sound to other recording artists such as Queens, NY phenom Homeboy Sandman on his Stones Throw Records release "All That I Hold Dear".

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